Temtem Teambuilder - Create your own Temtem Team

Welcome to the Temtem Teambuilder. Here you can create your own Temtem teams and share them with your friends. Temtem has a total of 164 different Temtem and 12 different types.

For long time players it is great to share their Temtem team setups with other players. This tool here on the page does exactly that, you can share your setups to friends by simply copying the URL.

By clicking on one of the question marks on the Temtem Teambuild page you can select your first Temtem. A new window will pop up where you can search by name or number as well as type. That way it is easy to select and find your Temtem.

Once you click on a specific Temtem a new window will open up where you can give your Temtem the correct Technique, Trait and Gear if needed. You can repeat this process six times until you have your full Temtem team setup.

Don't forget to save the URL, otherwise you won't be able to open up the same setup again.